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Diving Kalimantan with Grand Komodo

DERAWAN & SANGALAKI in East Kalimantan

Derawan is home to numerous critters plus turtles (green turtles and hawksbills) that come to the shore at night during high tide to lay their eggs.


Kakaban features wall diving, with the walls patrolled by schooling barracuda, bluefin tunas, jacks, leopard sharks, gray reef sharks, and sometimes hammerheads. The world’s largest jellyfish lake is here also. Halimeda green algae covers the bottom of the lake, and mangrove roots live side by side with tunicates, sponges, tube worms, crustaceans, anemones, sea cucumber, sea snakes and gobies. Still unidentified species abound.


Sangalaki is home to squadrons of giant manta rays. They emerge from all directions, undisturbed by your presence. Most are at least 3.5m (12 ft) wide. These have the typical white underside but there are also a few black mantas with 6m (20 ft) wingspans, referred to fondly as Darth Vader fish.


Maratua island boasts a massive lagoon. The island only rims apart of the lagoon, with the rest fringed by a reef and wall covered with hard and soft coral.


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