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Komodo, Alor, Lesser Sundas

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Diving Komodo, Alor, Lesser Sundas with Grand Komodo

Komodo Underwater Photo Gallery

KOMODO, the realm of the dragon

Komodo is one of Indonesia’s driest regions. Be sure to include a land visit to see the huge Komodo dragons when you go there. Underwater, Komodo offers just about every type of diving; from current-swept seamounts patrolled by sharks, tuna and other pelagics to calm reefs with teeming schools of fish.

Diving is good year-round. Because of strong currents and upwelling the water can be cold. We suggest a 5mm suit and hood.

Diving in the NORTH: Best period is during the southeast monsoon, from late March to early May and late September to early November. Currents are often encountered during this time. Water temperature: 24 – 29 C. Visibility: 20 – 25 m.

Diving in the SOUTH: Best period is during the northwest monsoon, mid November to early March. Water temperature: 21 – 27 C. Visibility: 10 – 15 m.


Sangeang is an active volcano whose steep, conical slopes extend up to a nearly 2,000m peak. Lava flows are occasionally visible on its flanks. This island lies between Komodo and Sumbawa island. Sangeang’s black volcanic sands offer underwater photographers a wonderfully contrasting background for fish and other critters, with streams of bubbles rising from the sands here and there due to the volcanic activity. A wealth of sea life can be found in the coral reefs around Sangeang, including nudibranchs and flatworms.

Diving Komodo, Alor, Lesser Sundas with Grand Komodo

Alor Underwater Photo Gallery


Alor is still pretty much in the middle of nowhere, away from the crowd. Remote and pristine. The masses of swirling, schooling fish and rich concentrations of invertebrates and critters may well make Alor one of the best diving Indonesia has to offer.

Shear drop offs with amazing coral reef scenery and great fish life, giant pinnacles covered in beautiful corals. Shallows are home of anthias and damselfish. Banks and walls reef. At some sites the current is 2 knots or more. Macro sites with all sorts of weirds and rare critters such as rhinopias, leaf scorpion fish, frogfish,and many other cool critters. One famous site here is renowned for large pelagic fish. Night dives usually are rich of  interesting surprises.

The diversity and marine life range from beautiful coral reef scenerey and great critters to larger fish.

It is not just the diving that makes Alor special. The fact that the local communities guard their reefs for their future keep all the reef pristine makes Alor even more special. Among the special souvenirs to take home is the handwoeven IKATsarong.

Alor’s friendly inhabitants are the original source of those beautiful Ikat fabrics sold in Bali. Remote and pristine, Alor’s waters offer masses of swirling, schooling fish and a comparable diversity of rare and weird critters on the reefs. Alor is a macro photographer’s dream.


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