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Why Dive
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Grand Komodo’s pioneering efforts pay off for divers today. Our divemasters all grew up here, and nobody knows the sites, the conditions, and the critters better than they do. We always have a Plan B if a given site isn’t good that day. Likewise our captains, chase boat drivers, compressor operators, engineers, cooks and cabin attendants are all local people experienced in our locales, operations and customers.

And because we have a fleet of boats in these waters they’re able to back each other up when need be. In the distant areas where we operate this provides a level of security few others can offer.

Plus, because we’re locally owned and operated, we have a “home court advantage” in dealing with local authorities and airlines. Our agents greet you and handle local arrangements for you every step of the way. But when you travel halfway around the world to go diving you want more than competent service—you want excellence where it counts most: underwater.

And even though our cruises consistently cost less than those of competitors, we never stint on the quality of the diving. On the boats the accommodations aren’t fancy but they are safe and comfortable. Overall the individualized service of the competent and friendly local divemasters and staff ensures customized, personal diving experiences not soon to be forgotten.

Grand Komodo runs scheduled departures throughout the year, and our diverse fleet makes it easy to arrange a charter to fit your specific needs. We can also provide you with an itinerary combining several consecutive trips—not a bad idea, considering the distance and cost of getting to Indonesia for most divers.

Our Strengths

  1. Operating in Indonesia for over 20 years. Experienced in dealing with local conditions and culture as well as getting you to all the best dive sites.
  2. Comfortable, affordable liveaboards with experienced and friendly team who help insure the best dive trip experience.
  3. We operate 5 liveaboard vessels of varying sizes : Raja Ampat Explorer (14), TemuKira (12), Putri Papua (9), Tarata (12) and Nusa Tara (6). We can accommodate individual divers or groups as small as 6, up to a maximum of 14.
  4. Our Departures are all year round to various destinations thus providing flexibility for combining trips.
  5. Specializing in Raja Ampat, Komodo, Halmahera and beyond, that include Misool, Mapia, Manokwari, Triton Bay, Banda, Togian, Lembeh, Derawan & Sangalaki. To Sangeang, Alor, Wakatobi.
  6. Our Support Center Network : Denpasar, Bima, Labuan Bajo, Sorong.
  7. Over 70 % of our bookings are from repeating customers -- a testament to customer satisfaction.
  8. English and French speaking owners have been in the tourism business over two decades and are highly respected in the industry.
  9. Our programs are designed to maximize the diving experience in all destinations, avoiding unnecessary long crossing from/back to Bali.
  10. Personalized services by competent staff, pre and post trips. We are experts in local touring also and can help you arrange other land-based tours throughout Indonesia.
  11. Reasonably priced, good value for the money.

Team work is our strength, Quality our tradition …..
INDONESIA …… Unity in diversity ……


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