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komodo Alor Dive

This is your ultimate guide for your first trip to Komodo Island. Learn about everything from accommodation to underwater tours here with a quick explorer guide.

Visit the Magnificent Komodo National Park

The Komodo Dragons

Climate & Geography

Land & Marine Fauna

Where To Eat In Labuan Bajo

Find the list of the best local and continental restaurants around the city. Explore the best ambiance and best local food around Labuan Bajo with the help of our referral list.

Where To Stay For Komodo Island

Dragon Dive Komodo Hostel

From $18 Per Night

Green Hill Boutique Hotel or Komodo Lodge

From $30 per night

Hotel Bintang Flores Island

From $75 per night

Pre-Book Your Tour Here

Find the best rates for accommodation, flights, and other services during your trip. Book your flights early to receive the best discounts.

What A Rush!

The traditional village on Mesa Island

Snorkelling at Kanawa Island

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Beauty Devices in Malaysia

Beauty Devices in Malaysia
More people are discovering the benefits of using beauty devices in Malaysia. These devices
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In order to improve your overall health and appearance, you should invest in a beauty device. A
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15 Malaysian beauty brands we are supporting now and forever
Skillano Beauty
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The Right Process in Ecommerce Now

The Right Process in Ecommerce Now

In a nutshell, Ecommerce is just the process of buying and selling products by electronic means cordless vacuum cleaner malaysia review, such as mobile applications and the Internet. E-commerce refers to retail and online shopping, as well as electronic transactions. E-commerce has vastly increased its popularity in recent decades and, in a way, is replacing traditional brick and mortar stores.

Ecommerce allows you to buy and sell products on a global scale , twenty-four hours a day, without incurring the same expenses as you would run a brick and mortar store . For the best marketing mix and conversion rate, an e-commerce venture must also have a physical presence; this is better known as a click and mortar store.

What Is Ecommerce with Examples | Ecommerce or E-commerce

What does e-commerce mean?

  • Although most people think of ecommerce as business to consumer (B2C), there are many other types of e – shop. These include online auction sites, Internet banking, ticketing and online and company-to-company Transactions (B2B) reservations.
  • Recently, the growth of e-commerce has expanded to sales using mobile devices, which is commonly known as ‘m-commerce’ and is simply a subset of e-commerce.
  • Why has e-commerce experienced explosive growth in the past decade? As the internet becomes ingrained in our daily lives, e-commerce acceptance continues to grow, and companies are taking advantage of it.

In the early 2000s, many people were skeptical about handing over the card details to an online retailer. Virtual store transactions are now second nature. SSL certificates Encryption and reliable external payment systems, such as Paypal, Worldpay and Skrill, have helped to improve people’s confidence in e-commerce.

But before that, here are our top rated e-commerce platforms that we think are the best fit for any need.

Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Commerce Businesses

Starting an e-commerce business has never been easier

Solutions like Shopify and WooCommerce allow even less tech savvy people to create a store. Gone are the days when hiring a designer and a Web Developer to get your ecommerce business off the ground is needed. Currently, design templates and WYSIWYG systems allow people to start an e-commerce store in minutes.

As a result, people are reaping all the benefits that e-commerce stores have to offer.

Below are seven reasons why e-commerce is such an attractive option for business owners:

Locations – With a brick and mortar physical store, you are geographically limited to nearby markets, that is, if you have a store in New York and want to sell in New Jersey as well, you will need to open another physical location. E-commerce does not have this limitation. Instead, you can sell to anyone, anywhere in the world, through your digital e-commerce business.

Always open – Physical businesses often have limited hours, but an online e-commerce store remains “open” 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This is extremely convenient for the customer and an excellent opportunity for merchants.

Cost Savings – E-commerce companies have significantly lower operating costs compared to physical stores. There is no rent, no staff to hire and pay, and very little in terms of fixed operating costs. This makes e-commerce stores extremely competitive in price, which generally drastically increases market share.

You Need To Have Your Personal Space, Anyhow – Importance Of Privacy

You Need To Have Your Personal Space, Anyhow – Importance Of Privacy

 In an attempt to be casual or friendly, people often tend to invade your personal space. It could be intentional or unintentional smart glass malaysia, knowingly or unknowingly. Whatever the case be, you need to have and provide privacy to each person around you. In the article, we shall discuss the importance of privacy and how you need to exercise it. 

Personal Space: How It Protects Us, Reduces Stress, and Improves Our Focus

Why do you think privacy is important? 

It takes you a while to figure the answer, right? That’s because, since childhood, each one of you has been brought up in a way that there is no privacy. Do you have to think while exploring new things at home? There’s this constant fear that your family members will judge you, criticize you smart glass manufacturers, etc. Are you allowed to lock your room’s door? Not really, right? That’s where the problem lies. Whether at home or workplace, privacy is something that is a basic human right of every individual.

There could be some fortunate ones who have this privacy, but even then, there are some occasions when you feel a lack of it. However, it’s time you address the privacy issue and bring about a change if there is scope for improvement. You need to have an environment that is stimulating.

Another important cause of lack of privacy is the social media craze. Everybody is sharing almost every aspect of their life. Be it personal, professional, love life, etc. Every single thing going on in their life is displayed and made public. These people then expect privacy which they do not respect. Social media is indeed a boon, but it is nothing more than a bane in terms of privacy. Anybody can get in contact with you without your permission or willingness.

Importance of privacy-

That’s something no one ever talked of. The importance of privacy at home/ office needs to be understood by everybody. Let’s do this-

  • Privacy is essential to know and recognize oneself. If you do not have those personal spaces understanding one’s needs and expectations becomes difficult.
  • It gives the power of exercising one’s choice.
  • It helps to keep things and news private that are not for public consumption.
  • It ensures that there is no unwanted physical proximity.
  • Privacy is closely associated with having freedom, and being free is everyone’s birthright.
  • What about the data that you provide on different sites, portals, etc.

You never thought of it, but that too comes under privacy. Do you get unnecessary calls, and you wonder how they got your number? That’s because somebody has infringed upon your details.

Privacy is so taken for granted that even basic things that could invade privacy are considered normal. Let’s see a few common situations where privacy is ignored without realizing it.

New workplace strategies for increasing flexibility - Ideas

The unintentional invading-

Here are a few situations where privacy in-home and privacy in conference/ meeting is sidelined. 

  • Neighbours have a curious nerve. They, at times, tend to peep and listen to your private family conversation.
  • Family members crashing into your room without a knock.
  • You clicking funny pictures of your siblings and family members for entertainment purposes.
  • You recording a meeting without taking the permission of the host.
  • Using someone’s picture without permission or information.
  • You sharing personal details of your best friend with another best friend.

You may think that these are common things that need not be bothered about. However, when not controlled, this invasion can lead to psychological and emotional distress. Take a pledge to have and provide privacy to everybody around you.

Do you need two monitors for twin babies?

Do you need two monitors for twin babies?

Every twin baby’s parents are confused about it because no two babies are doing the same thing swing and bouncer combo. So, they think about they want to buy at least twins baby monitor for supervising their babies. But the truth is you do not need to buy two baby monitors and one is enough for twin babies. So here you can collect plenty of information about the baby monitor. The first thing is you have to buy only one baby monitor instead of two and also you have to buy more than one camera where your babies are going. Most of the latest baby monitors come with the feature of connecting to two to four rooms. Also, there are so many varieties in the baby monitor and you can select such a good quality monitor by surfing on the internet. So, try to buy the quality one and make use of it.

Image result for two monitors for twin babies

Nowadays people are confused about handling their twin babies so using this baby monitor the work of managing more than one baby at a time is so easy. Most of the parents are reviewed this baby monitor around four to five stars. The best baby monitor is to work with the mobile phone. The main thing you have to do is installing the respective application to connect the baby monitor and the cameras. Also, there is a baby monitor called a split-screen monitor, and using this you can watch two babies on two screens with one display. If you need an expert’s advice about using this baby monitor then try to contact them and get more details about it. Remember one thing you have to use this baby monitor for fourteen months if you have twin babies. Just by looking at your friends and others do not think about using it for your baby.

Image result for monitors for twin babies

Why it is necessary to have a baby monitor?

When you have a twin baby then it is important to monitor their every move. Some people think they do not need to use this baby monitor and they think about their grandparents are not using this type of device to monitor their baby’s movement. So, they think they do not need to have this but the truth is in older days, it is not necessary because there are so many people around the baby to taking care them but now there are no people to taking care of the babies instead of the parents so this is very important.

Likewise, you do not carry your baby in your arms all the time so using this baby monitor. When they are sleeping then that is the best time to achieve your important tasks. So, using the baby monitor will allow them to do whatever they want to do. If your twin baby in one room and you are in another room then you can keep your eye on your babies through the camera. With the baby monitor, the parents will hear or see if their baby needs their assistance.

The Need For Students To Take An IT Related Course

What is information technology or IT? Definition and examples

The problem of unemployment is the biggest in a country with a huge population. As the number of job opportunities is often less than the number of freshers that pass out every year, freshers must be equipped with skills that can earn them a good career after finishing undergraduate courses. With training in proper fields that are coming up, the chance of getting a high paying initial job becomes possible. As the IT sector is well developing, doing a few courses in fields coming up in the IT department will help. There are many developments in the technological sector, so there are newer advancements as well. You should know the different major upcoming fields in the information technology sector.

Information Technology and Business Strategies - STEP Software Inc. -  Custom Software Development

Major upcoming fields in IT

Android app development

As the number of apps in the app store keeps increasing every day, it is safe to assume that an android app development course will be useful for starting a career in the IT field. As more and more businesses have started to shift from mobile-friendly sites to mobile apps, it is better to get a skill that will ensure survival in the future cut-throat competition for jobs. 

Website design

As there are over a million apps on all major platforms, web page technologies to adopt more interactive UI designs have become a trend. Learning programming languages like PHP, Python, and more that can create better user interfaces for websites and web apps will be useful for students. So, taking cryptocurrency wallet development website design classes will provide students with insights about the importance of website and web app design and help them build a career.

Software testing

As developers are important for developing the project, testing of the  blockchain web design software requires coders with an understanding of the language and how it works. So, taking up software testing classes will provide all the essential information to students aspiring to test and upgrade the software. An advanced course in the field will provide enough knowledge to take up jobs as a senior-level tester for an IT company. Thus, students should learn software testing if they want to edge over the competition for testing jobs. 

Digital marketing 

As all companies have shifted to marketing their products and services online, the need for experts who understand the basic concepts in digital marketing arises. With proper knowledge of the basics like SEO, PPC, web conversion rate optimization, etc., a student can get better job opportunities in the most trending and upcoming field. So, taking digital marketing training will ensure that the student knows how to use Google AdWords, social media platforms, and Google analytics to market any product or service online. With deep knowledge in the field, students can work for any company related to IT and get paid well.


As unemployment is very difficult to tackle, students must take the initiative to learn new skills that show them apart from the competition and find a good career in the process.

Digital Signage In Retail The Way It’s Driving More In-store Earnings

Digital Signage In Retail: The Way It’s Driving More In-store Earnings

Retailers leveraging Digital signage systems or software are Gaining a considerable small business advantage within the retailers that are still utilizing the conventional sign-boards. The thought of deciding on the smartglass multimedia display in retail/front store by most and virtually every productive retailer is really simple — to entice people, participate and turn them into potential clients. Together with the eCommerce revolution along with more people deciding on internet shopping, such as obvious benefits of convenience, low rates, and time-saving, it’s now difficult for the retailers to draw clients for their shops/stores. Retailers are searching for innovative methods to boost their in-store footfall. With the ideal technology (in both hardware and software) used, digital signage accomplishes this task easily. Businesses can leverage digital signages by bringing the online buying experience into the retail stores. With exceptional digital signage solutions, they help in attracting customers into the stores and result in a gain in earnings as people tend to be more inclined to obtain the item which is being promoted on the digital screen.

What Does a Modern Retail Environment Look Like?Digital Signage Compared to Conventional Sign-board

Digital signage Reaches 70 percent of Americans annually also features a 52 percent remember speed.

The display on the Digital screen needs to be eloquent and appealing. These can be customized based on the message which must be hauled, such as reduction offers, product features, and brand new product releases, etc. Content needs to be special and may reach the ideal audience. With the conventional signage boards, an individual can’t maintain an individual’s attention for the longterm. Clients just forget about the newest as soon as they stop visiting the signboard. However, with digital sign-boards, customer retention may be for an extended duration since audiovisual mediums are demonstrated to be effective in occupying mind distance for a more extended period. An individual can communicate just one message through a conventional signboard, whereas using a digital signboard, an individual can customize numerous messages by simply employing digital signage applications without the extra expenses incurred. The trick to an effective multimedia display in retail/front store effort is to put money into the right hardware (LEDs, 4K, and 8K displays) and digital signage application solutions in

The digital signage market is forecast to rise from 2500 20.8 Billion in 20-19 to 67146 29.6 billion by 2024, in a CAGR of 7.3 percent. With businesses such as fashion, banking, instruction, automobiles, sports, electronic equipment and appliances for the home, furniture, etc.. relying heavily on the in-store foot-traffic, choosing digital signage can be a proper measure to take.

China ENFI Enterprise exhibition hall on Behance | Showroom interior  design, Exhibition stand design, Design museumStrategies for successful digital signage articles

Content Is Essential For just about any digital signage to succeed. Here Are a Few Tips for Remarkable articles on a digital screen:

  1. Maintain the material Simple, distinctive, and original. The essential message ought to be delivered in summary.
  2. Don’t utilize Multiple colors and fonts in one message. They will divert clients’ interest. Never compose the full articles from capitals. Pick the font colors and styles sensibly.
  3. The motion of The content on the digital screen ought to be scheduled in a manner that the Customers get sufficient time to research the full message. If You’re having an inventory Of messages to be hauled then retain the most crucial message whilst the past Thing on the list since clients generally do not overlook reading the previous portion of the list.


Some Spectacular Things To Do In Komodo Island (Thrill Seeking And Adventurous)

Komodo Island

Komodo island is definitely a very notable destination when it comes to the tourist map of the world. It is named for the Komodo dragon which happens to be the largest lizard in the whole wide world. It is an Indonesian Island, and it is a haven for natural beauty and some very beautiful ethnic shopping. There are a lot of fun things to do on Komodo Island. The island is only 390 km² when we are talking about its size, and it is inhabited by just 2000 people. It lies at the heart of the Komodo National Park, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage site which is also the last natural habitat of the Komodo dragon. It is home to the Komodo dragon which is an endangered species of lizard. Since it is the last natural habitat of the Komodo dragon, it has been declared as a World Heritage site. It is illegal to hunt or watch any of the animals which are present in the Komodo Island.

Here are some truly thrilling things that you can do on Komodo Island. These things will give you lots of fun and excitement.


  • Hiking is the first thing that I can suggest. Hiking is something that will get you a lot of exercise, fresh air and also present you with a fantastic opportunity to explore the island. The island has some of the best views ever, and you can experience and indulge in the environment and nature of the island, if you go hiking. I highly recommend you take some snacks and a decent amount of water, so that you don’t feel fatigued. If it is your first time on the island, I highly suggest you take a couple of people with you or even a tour guide with you.
  • Visit the Komodo Island National Park.
  • Go to Manta Points.
  • I highly suggest you try scuba-diving off the beach of Komodo Island. You will see some of the most beautiful marine life around the island. Most of the people who go to Komodo Island have tried scuba-diving there and has come out and said that it was one of the most spectacular moments of their lives.
  • Visit Pink Beach. The beach is clean, and you can have a relaxing time here.
  • Make sure that you enjoy the seaside sunset.
  • You should definitely stargaze in the night. Since you are away from the city lights, you will be able to look at the Milky Way in all its glory. Stargazing here is one of the most visually stunning things in the world.


Take a boat trip all around the island. You will see how beautiful it is.

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