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You Need To Have Your Personal Space, Anyhow – Importance Of Privacy

You Need To Have Your Personal Space, Anyhow – Importance Of Privacy

 In an attempt to be casual or friendly, people often tend to invade your personal space. It could be intentional or unintentional smart glass malaysia, knowingly or unknowingly. Whatever the case be, you need to have and provide privacy to each person around you. In the article, we shall discuss the importance of privacy and how you need to exercise it. 

Personal Space: How It Protects Us, Reduces Stress, and Improves Our Focus

Why do you think privacy is important? 

It takes you a while to figure the answer, right? That’s because, since childhood, each one of you has been brought up in a way that there is no privacy. Do you have to think while exploring new things at home? There’s this constant fear that your family members will judge you, criticize you smart glass manufacturers, etc. Are you allowed to lock your room’s door? Not really, right? That’s where the problem lies. Whether at home or workplace, privacy is something that is a basic human right of every individual.

There could be some fortunate ones who have this privacy, but even then, there are some occasions when you feel a lack of it. However, it’s time you address the privacy issue and bring about a change if there is scope for improvement. You need to have an environment that is stimulating.

Another important cause of lack of privacy is the social media craze. Everybody is sharing almost every aspect of their life. Be it personal, professional, love life, etc. Every single thing going on in their life is displayed and made public. These people then expect privacy which they do not respect. Social media is indeed a boon, but it is nothing more than a bane in terms of privacy. Anybody can get in contact with you without your permission or willingness.

Importance of privacy-

That’s something no one ever talked of. The importance of privacy at home/ office needs to be understood by everybody. Let’s do this-

  • Privacy is essential to know and recognize oneself. If you do not have those personal spaces understanding one’s needs and expectations becomes difficult.
  • It gives the power of exercising one’s choice.
  • It helps to keep things and news private that are not for public consumption.
  • It ensures that there is no unwanted physical proximity.
  • Privacy is closely associated with having freedom, and being free is everyone’s birthright.
  • What about the data that you provide on different sites, portals, etc.

You never thought of it, but that too comes under privacy. Do you get unnecessary calls, and you wonder how they got your number? That’s because somebody has infringed upon your details.

Privacy is so taken for granted that even basic things that could invade privacy are considered normal. Let’s see a few common situations where privacy is ignored without realizing it.

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The unintentional invading-

Here are a few situations where privacy in-home and privacy in conference/ meeting is sidelined. 

  • Neighbours have a curious nerve. They, at times, tend to peep and listen to your private family conversation.
  • Family members crashing into your room without a knock.
  • You clicking funny pictures of your siblings and family members for entertainment purposes.
  • You recording a meeting without taking the permission of the host.
  • Using someone’s picture without permission or information.
  • You sharing personal details of your best friend with another best friend.

You may think that these are common things that need not be bothered about. However, when not controlled, this invasion can lead to psychological and emotional distress. Take a pledge to have and provide privacy to everybody around you.